How to make the perfect espresso – EDGE Brewing guide

Getting the best espresso requires patience and practice to produce consistently good coffee to a barista standard. For this method, you’ll need a Bean to Cup machine, or fresh coffee ground especially for espresso.

To achieve the best flavour out of your freshly roasted coffee, we recommend grinding fresh at home with a grinder (but remember to make sure it can grind fine enough for espresso (something like the Sage Smart Grinder Pro).

Top tip: filtered water will help your machine’s longevity and bring the most flavour out of your beans.

  1. Use a scale to measure your dose of coffee and brewed liquid.

  2. We use the 2X method – 20g of espresso to make 40g of espresso

  3. Distribute the coffee evenly to ensure the bed of coffee is flat in the portafilter basket

  4. Tamp down the bed of coffee. Be sure your tamp is level, and apply 10-15 kg of pressure.

  5. Adjust your grind size to have the full beverage weight extract from your machine in approximately 27 seconds.

Top Tips for Espresso

Extraction time is controlled by the grind setting, so at first you’ll need to experiment with this. The finer the grind, the longer the extraction.

For a more balanced cup, we like to give the espresso a quick stir to mix the layers before drinking.

Alternatively, this is the perfect base for a creamy flat white or a light cappuccino.

Watch our accredited trainer Jayde below show you how to make barista style drinks at home.

Watch: How to brew espresso