Why Edge

It’s a good question.

And we’ve got a couple of great answers tucked up our sleeves…

No Contest - Fresh is Best!

We take our time to get things just right. EDGE coffee is freshly roasted and our tea is blended on-site to order. That’s because we know that Fresh is Best for taste – and our customer reviews tell us too. Tea and coffee this good deserves its own moment.

Step back from the chaos of the everyday and savour the flavour of a local cuppa brewed especially for you.

We’re an easy-going bunch, but our beans mean business!

Our practices allow our customers to enjoy the world’s top 5% of coffee.

We personally visit farmers worldwide to identify producers who both farm sustainably and care for their communities. Our relationships reach all over the world, including the Indian sub-continent, Central and South America and Asia.

Every bean brewed into that cup has been hand-picked so you never have to settle for second-best.

From bean to cup, we know what’s up

For over 40 years, we’ve been on a quest to master our craft. When it comes to tea and coffee production – from picking to pulping, washing, drying, sorting, shipping, cupping and testing, right through to the final roast – we’re proud to say we’ve bean there, got the tea shirt.

We’re equally as passionate when it comes to sharing that knowledge. We offer formal, accredited barista training as well as fun-packed friendly sessions to inspire the next generation of tea and coffee lovers.

We live and breathe sustainabili-TEA

Mother nature’s given us the brew-tiful plants that are harvested by hand every day, and it’s our job to give something back.

So, from paying a fair wage to our farmers so they can keep their fields sustainable to switching to 100% recyclable packaging, using compost where possible and offering refill alternatives, we do as much as we can to give back to the world that’s given us so much.

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Customer service is our cup of tea

Customer service is part of our DNA. We are real people whose aim it is to help you get the best out of your brew!

No matter where our journey takes us, family is at the heart of EDGE, so our team, suppliers and you, the customer, will always come first.

We look forward to joining you for a coffee and a chat at the roastery, answering a question about equipment or sneaking in a little extra camomile in your wellness tea blend (don’t tell anyone!). We will always be a business focused on making customers happy above all else.

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