Putting the Planet First

Our leaves might be loose, but our environmental policy couldn’t be tighter.

Sourcing the world’s most premium coffee and tea whilst maintaining a strict environmental promise might be a tricky task. But it’s a task we’ll do with pleasure, time and time again. Simplicity is Sustainability – it’s why we’ll never serve our tea or coffee in bags or pods. Read on to find out how we follow practices as green as the unripe coffee cherries on the tree.

“As a child growing up in the ’60s, my mother was a bit of an eco-warrior - although, in those days, the term would have been “she’s a bit peculiar!” She taught me that if our food was untampered with and locally sourced, it was more likely to be fresh and better for our bodies.

Frank’s first blend might have set the EDGE wheels in motion, but it’s our commitment to sensible, sustainable practices that has kept us on the right path.

Step back from the chaos of the everyday and savour the flavour of a local cuppa brewed especially for you."