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Dark Side of the EDGE is one of our award winning house blends, crafted for a stronger cup.

  • Region - Central America, Asia
  • Varietals - Bourbon, Acaia, Typica, Caturra and Catuai
  • Process - Varied
  • Taste notes - Figs, caramel, dark chocolate
  • Roast level - Dark
Q GRADE: 86.35

Our ‘Dark Side of the EDGE’ coffee blend is a Great Taste Award winner 2019 & 2018 for outstanding taste and quality!

This Great Taste Award was awarded to Edgcumbes by the Guild of Fine Food. Hear what the Great Taste Judges had to say –

“Well roasted with chocolate on the nose. Good bright notes on the palate with a balanced acidity. Tried with warm milk we found pleasant chocolate notes, rounded and we agree there is a pleasing intensity on the finish.” – 2 star (2019)

“Heavy, dark and intense – this espresso has a great crema and a long drawn out and indulgent finish!” – 1 star (2018)

A blend of three beautiful darker roasted speciality coffees hailing from Brazil, Colombia and Indonesia. Roasted for Espresso but can be equally enjoyed slow brewed for Filter or Cafetiere.

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