Cutting carbon, reducing packaging and saving your cash one 1KG at a time…

As a nation of coffee lovers, we have become even more into our brews since 2020. We’ve all seen a shift to being in our homes more than ever! In turn, we’ve noticed more and more of our customers creating their own ‘home barista’ set-up too.  

In a recent survey, over 30% of our audience told us they’d invested in a bean to cup coffee machine. Bean to cup crew, you know what’s up! It’s clear we’ve all seen the value of having a good freshly made cup of Joe at home – nothing beats that first sip in the morning or the afternoon for that matter… 

Since we started over 40 years ago in 1981, EDGE has always been passionate about sustainability in every area of what we do. From the packaging we choose to our reuse and refill services – we examine every process of getting our coffee and tea to you in tip-top condition.  

Behind the scenes, we are constantly reviewing our processes and delivery methods to make sure we are being an eco-friendly coffee company in every way possible. You won’t find lots of extra paper and packaging in our deliveries – we like to keep it simple.  

We’ve come to a glaring realisation – our larger 1KG bags are better for the environment and enable us to pass on BIG cost savings to our customers.   

 Four reasons why going bigger is better 

1. Less packaging

When buying a 1KG bag instead of 4x 250g smaller bags you reduce the packaging needed for your coffee. Less waste to dispose of too. All our bags are recyclable as standard and are designed to keep your freshly roasted coffee just how you like it – fresh and tasty.
You can of course decant your coffee into an airtight container at home and top up as you need more… or use straight from the bag! 

2. One delivery instead of several 

Each bag, no matter what size, is using a vehicle to be delivered to you or be collected by you directly from our roastery. Cutting fuel by getting a 1kg bag is one way forward to cut carbon emissions. (Or go one better and cycle or walk to our Roastery – we’re open for everyone 7 days a week!) 

3. We pass the cost-saving onto you

Did you know that, on average, you’ll save over £6 on your coffee when you buy a kilo? It costs less for us to pack - with fewer bags, labels, and manpower- so we pass that saving on to you.  

4. Fewer ‘oh no! I’ve run out of coffee’ moments! 

If you have a lovely coffee machine and the whirring sound of an empty bean hopper sends you into panic mode, unless you’re living on caffeine round the clock, our kilo bag option will reduce the number of orders you have to place!  

Concerned that by ordering a larger quantity your coffee will get stale? All our bags are airtight, and they will keep your coffee fresh and delicious.

We're passionate about freshness – so our rule of thumb is to use it in 4-5 weeks.


Our recyclable cardboard delivery boxes can squeeze in two x 1KG bags, so for that reason, we’re introducing a permanent offer to encourage you to take the plunge and stock up for your wallet and to be more environmentally conscious with your coffee fix.  

When ordering 2X 1KG bags of any of our coffee, we’ll knock off a WHOPPING £10 OFF the price! That means you’re benefitting from great low prices for freshly roasted premium speciality coffee – we can’t do better than that!  

Use the code BIGONCOFFEE to take advantage of this incredible 2KG offer that saves on packaging, waste, and deliveries!

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