Meet Danilo Barbosa and the Barbosa family

Why we buy ethical coffee - Introducing our ethical coffee bean suppliers in BRAZIL

Danilo Barbosa.

Do you ever look at your morning cup of coffee and think where it came from and who made it? Did the farmer get a fair price and these beans grown sustainably?

The beans that go into our Cachoeira coffee come from the Barbosa family, living in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, famous for its gastronomy.

You could say coffee is in the family’s DNA, playing a part in their history since the twentieth century. The whole family all work together, sharing the same dream, and supporting one another as they learn and grow. At EDGE we share similar family values which makes us great partners!

Between us, the result is top quality freshly roasted single-origin coffee that’s ethically produced.

What is ethical coffee?

Generally speaking, we define ‘ethical coffee’ as coffee that has been bought directly from farmers at a fair price. By fair, we mean a price that covers the cost of production and includes a healthy margin for the farmer.

From experience, we find that ethical coffee is farmed in a way that respects the environment for future generations and promotes biodiversity.

Some ethical coffee has been organically grown, our organic coffees include Tapir AndinoMandheling Queen Ketiara and our Decaf Nueva Esperanza Organic Mountain Water.

Single Origin Brazilian Coffee: Cachoeira

The tradition of coffee production has been in the family for three generations of Barbosa's.

When we say family business, we mean it. The farm started with Elias Barbosa, who passed his knowledge onto his son Claudio, who went onto share the experience with his son Jairo; the father of Danilo Barbosa. Danilo now works alongside his two sons Vitor and Sergio, pictured below.

As producers, they have links with many organisations providing information on the coffee market, quality, and sustainability. Danilo has always shown concern for the environment and has always taken care of nature, having more than 186 hectares of nature reserve. At present, they plan to continuously improve on environmental preservation and producing 100% sustainable coffee.

Trading directly with the Barbosa farm ensures the beans are always of the highest standard and Q grade – producing a delicious cup of EDGE coffee that eventually gets roasted here in Sussex.

Working directly with a small coffee farm allows us to support the family and ensure good practise. Making sure your coffee fix is ethical.

Seeing and understanding the process of coffee production from each of our suppliers is something that’s important to us. Having visited several farms to see the suppliers in person, we really love to see for ourselves how EDGE coffee makes an impact on families and businesses worldwide.

Interested in giving the Barbosa family coffee a try – it’s included in our 4 bag variety pack, and is available on subscription too.

Danilo, Vitor & Sergio Barbosa.

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