CAPSULE Cold Brew Carafe 1L

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The CAPSULE by Kinto is the perfect piece of kit to make delicious cold brew coffee or tea at home using your favourite EDGE brews.

This Cold Brew Carafe is perfect to make delicious cold brew coffee or tea at home. Want to know the difference between Cold Brew and Iced? Check out our blog.

To make Cold Brew Coffee: add 55g of ground coffee beans to 850 ml of cold filtered water and brew for 8 hours in the fridge.

To make Cold Brew Tea: depending on the tea type, add between 10-20g of tea to 900ml of water and brew for 8 hours (for fruit teas you can leave this for longer).

The design of this carafe means the lid automatically opens when pouring and closes when set upright to keep your brews fresh... Just make sure to twist and close the lid tightly before pouring.

To clean the filter, soak in warm water and then wash with a neutral washing liquid.

Not safe for microwave use. Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. This made from heat resistant glass, but please note, sudden temperature change may break or shatter this product. To keep it safe do not use water over 90℃! While the glass is hot, do not pour cold liquids into it and make sure to leave it on a dry surface - do not place it to on a wet cloth or in a wet sink.

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