4 Bag Variety Pack


Try a selection of recommended Single Origin coffees and our multi-award winning Signature Blend - Sussex Barn.

How To Recycle Me

Our tea & coffee packaging is 100% recyclable.

Our coffee bag supplier is carbon neutral & the bags are grade 4, which is 100% recyclable!

Find a collection point in your local supermarket or enquire if your local council will accept this type of bag at kerbside.

Check your local collection point here.

Can’t decide which freshly roasted coffee to try next? Then this is the ideal place for you to begin with our variety pack!


This 4 bag variety pack will include:
  • 250g bag of Colombia – La Manuela
  • 250g bag of Dark Side of the EDGE
  • 250g bag of Brazil – Cachoeria
  • 250g bag of Edgcumbes’ Award Winning Sussex Barn

You can also choose whether you would like to receive them as whole beans or if you need them ground for a specific piece of brewing equipment.

These 4 bags of coffee (worth between £9 and £9.50 each) would usually cost you £36.50, so this great saving means you can try all of these coffees guilt-free!

You may decide you would like 1 bag of beans and 3 bags ground as filter coffee, or 2 as a cafetiere grind and the other 2 bags as beans… the possibilities are endless! If this is the case then please write it in the notes section when you place your order.

Perhaps you would like DECAF too, if so please let us know and we will swap a bag.

The Benefits Of A Kilo Bag

Choose a 1KG to make up to 50 cups of coffee and use less packaging - better for your pocket and the planet!


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