Italian Edge Coffee Blend

India, Brazil • House Blends
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Say hello to Italian Edge! Made with Arabica beans, blended with a touch of speciality grade Robusta, it delivers a classic Italian coffee taste.

Master Roaster Chris recommends this to be enjoyed with a bean to cup machine, or alternatively brewed in a Moka Pot or Cafetiere.


  • Region - Brazil, Indian speciality Robusta
  • Varietals - Red Catuai, Indian Robusta
  • Process - Natural
  • Taste notes - Bold and punchy with dark chocolate, caramel notes with a hint of tropical fruit
  • Roast Level - Dark
  • Q Grade - 84+

Our signature Italian roast coffee blend is rich, dark and delicious!

Using a blend of two unique speciality single origin coffees hailing from Brazil and India. Roasted for Espresso brewing methods, but for those who like a dark roast, these Italian coffee beans can equally be enjoyed slow brewed for Filter or Cafetiere.

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