Sage 'The Temp Control' Milk Jug

Brew Kit Coffee Brewing

The SAGE Temperature Control jug is a baristas best friend!

Texture the perfect milk for your brew of choice with Sage's iconic milk jug. 

Edgcumbes is an official supplier of SAGE Coffee Machines and Equipment.

This smart jug has an integrated thermometer strip that'll tell you when your milk's reached its 'Goldilocks' temperature of 55 - 75°C (now that's the perfect porridge!). Not only will it help you make the best lattes and cappuccinos, it also has a 480ml capacity, so you can make enough to share. Prepare for some impressive coffee art!

Are you a beginner barista? We offer Home Barista courses at the EDGE Roastery where you can learn everything about making the perfect cuppa!

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