We say ‘NO’ to disposable cups!

Lets all say ‘NO’ to disposable cups! 2.5 billion disposable cups are used in the UK every year and only 1% are recycled. That figure is just crazy! Especially when we have a perfect, practical and sustainable solution – the good old fashioned CUP. If you visit the EDGE café for a coffee every morning on your commute, then why not bring your own cup?  Plus, most cafes offer discounts on your drink if you bring in your own reusable cup. ( Or if they aren’t then maybe it’s time to nudge them!). Why?
  • Well, because we all want to help each other to make more sustainable choices.
  • Secondly, we café owners have to pass the charge of the cup on to you. That is the reality, cheeky or otherwise!
Let’s do the maths.  If you buy 1 Regular latte from the EDGE Café every day for a year, you are spending £56.57 on disposable cups. You are literally throwing money in the bin. Now that isn’t very money savvy, nor is it kind to our planet. The EDGE Café offers  5% off your drink if you bring your own reusable cup, so you can keep that £56.57 in your pocket! To make this even more of a no brainer option - the EDGE Café, in Ford, West Sussex, put together an amazing offer to help you on that sustainable journey – saving the planet and your purse! Sign up to our LoyLap loyalty scheme and purchase one of our EDGE reusable glass cups for just £4.95 (worth £8) AND you get your first drink completely FREE!  So essentially, you’re paying less than £2 for your forever cup. Pop to the EDGE café and get 5% off your drink everytime you use your reusable cup and use the LoyLap app to collect your stamp and receive your 10th drink free. That’s an overall 15% off EVERY drink you buy forever- your part of the deal is simply this : Bring in your reusable cup  and SAVE– whatever type and style is fine by us. Join the Edge Loylap scheme and SAVE - it’s simple to use and gives you free drinks. Do both- save money, save on waste.  If that wasn’t enough to persuade you, check the stats below…    

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