Sussex Royal | Great Taste Award Winner

Black Tea
The perfect everyday tea!

A bright and strong everyday Black Tea - winner in 2020 at the Great Taste Awards.

Our Sussex Royal Premium Blend loose leaf tea has been expertly blended by our Edgcumbes tea master as a brilliant daily ‘pick-me-up’ and is a Great Taste Award winner 2020 for outstanding taste and quality!

Like our original house blend “Rusper”, our Sussex Royal tea has both Assam and Kenyan leaves that give this blend a bright edge and strong distinctive taste – although, with a bigger leaf size, brewing time is 4 minutes for the perfect cup!

The addition of high grown Ceylon from the world-renowned Somerset Estate in the Sri-Lankan Dimbula Valley gives Sussex Royal a slightly more subtle astringency together with tropical and citrus notes.

This Great Taste Award was awarded to Edgcumbes by the Guild of Fine Food. Hear what the Great Taste Judges had to say –

“Mixed CTC leaf, that has been well-rolled. Thick, coloury liquor with a malty hint to it. Good briskness. Under milk it has a good colour and is bright. The blend works and produces a refreshing tea!” – 1 star (2020)

  • 1 Teaspoon per cup
  • 100 Degrees
  • 3-4 minute brew

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