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The world and the UK in fact, boast some amazing artisan coffee roasters and tea merchants. So why purchase your freshly roasted coffee and loose leaf tea from Edgcumbes?

We have 3 simple core values that we truly believe make your brew better:

1. Quality

You know the drill…FRESH IS BEST! Coffee always tastes better when it is freshly roasted! We roast all our coffee here on site and it will be with you shortly after being roasted – you can’t get fresher than that. We also stock premium quality speciality loose leaf teas, all chosen and tested by our expert team of coffee and tea nuts.

2. Sustainability

We pride ourselves on being as eco-friendly as possible and source from sustainable farms and plantations. We follow our 3R’s principle, Reduce, Refill, and Recycle and are continuously making more sustainable choices – even if this comes at an extra cost. Checkout our discount scheme for you and our trade customers to help reuse packaging and save waste.

3. Education

You have the right to know what is in your cup! From where your coffee beans and tea leaves are sourced, roasted and blended to how we make the perfect brew. We share over 40 years of knowledge and expertise relating to coffee, tea & the wider industry.

Our Roastery is open for all, our team are on hand to help and you will always get a friendly answer to your enquiry.



We only buy coffees and teas when we are 100% confident of their provenance. To identify producers who both farm sustainably and benefit their communities, we personally visit estates all over the world, including the Indian sub-continent, Central and South America, and Asia.

It is so important to be aware of the huge amount of effort that goes into coffee production – from picking to pulping, washing, drying, sorting, shipping, cupping and testing, right through to the final roast. That’s before the barista even gets to grind and make the cup!

The life of a tea picker or coffee grower is not an easy one. A day picking 100 kilos of ripe coffee cherries will finish up as 12 kilos of the roasted bean for us to enjoy here in the UK. The higher the quality of tea or coffee, the harder it is to harvest, as someone has to manually go through the plantation and pick only the ripest coffee cherries or the most delicate tea leaves. This takes time and expertise and it is only right that we put the same amount of time and care when the beans are roasted.


You won’t find tea bags here!

We should all care deeply about the world we live in and are handing down to future generations. You can now make much more sustainable purchasing decisions – such as purchasing from independent local suppliers. Our blending, roasting, packing and dispatching all happens in our Dutch Barn, reducing carbon footprint, and we are continually working to find sustainable packaging that works for us and protects the integrity of the product.

Like many other crops, coffee and tea are usually farmed intensively, using unsustainable practices. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and therefore choose to support smaller farms that are committed to working in a more sustainable fashion.This approach is good for us all – your coffee is of a higher quality and tastes much nicer, and we develop strong relationships with the farmers who make it possible.

What’s more, we also support the Rainforest Alliance Foundation which encourages tree-planting, including in areas where the Arabica coffee plant needs shade. We promote fair purchasing practices, because we know first-hand the impact this makes on local communities.

We are 100% committed and open to sharing this message – because the more people who value the provenance of the coffee, the more likely it is that they will seek out quality rather than quantity.

We live by the Three Rs principle, which stands for “Reduce, Refill, Recycle”. That’s why we reward you if you care about reducing waste as much as we do. See below to find out how we implement sustainable actions in each of our business areas.

Our Hessian sacks are reused to make cushions, log bags, doorstops and of course our popular BagEDGE tote bags.

In the café, all our takeaway cups and straws are fully compostable, and when you purchase one of our reusable cups in store, your first drink will be FREE with 5% off every time you bring it back for a refill.

Use our refillery service: Bring your own container or one of our 3R’s tin to refill with tea or coffee and we’ll give you a discount. A simple and effective way to reduce non-essential packaging!

When you visit, look around and you’ll see the Café and Roastery are largely made from reclaimed materials. We’ve retained the character of the original bricks and beams and used old school tables and unwanted scaffolding in the refurbishment. It’s part of our drive towards sustainability.

Our trade customers have been using the CoffeeKeep® system which has drastically reduced packaging for over 7 years now. Each Keep holds 12kg of coffee, saving a lot of packaging, time and space. The brainchild of our Roastmaster, the concept is now used in numerous coffee roasteries across the nation, saving wastage and money for all.


We have over 40 years’ expertise in the tea & coffee industry and it would just be plain selfish to keep all this knowledge to ourselves. We have developed our speciality range of products, invested in some great brewing kit and have ditched the tea bag – now it is time to learn about what is in the cup.

Edgcumbes’ directors Alice & Chris travel the world in search of high quality, fairly sourced coffee & tea. But what they bring back is much more than just a good cuppa. They share behind the scene information of coffee plantations and tea estates they visit, the shipping process, to how we roast and blend here at Edgcumbes.

That is not all! We provide barista training to external companies & individuals and regularly upload coffee and tea facts on our blog. Furthermore, we love to create fun and informative content on our social media channels – of course we share coffee bean ASMR – but we also share all you need to know about freshly roasted coffee and loose leaf tea. From how to make the perfect coffee, to the difference between single origins & blends, we’ve got it all covered. Got a question for us? Get in touch!

Giving back

We proudly support two wonderful charities through donations from our generous customers at the Edge Café and EDGE by the sea. Anything that can be popped in to one of the collection boxes will find a home with either the Gurkha Welfare Trust, supporting veterans, their widows and wider communities to live in dignity – and our most local charity, the Sussex Snowdrop Trust providing nursing care at home for children with life threatening or terminal illnesses who we also regularly fuel with caffeine for their monthly coffee mornings!