Welcome to the home of our Coffee courses and experiences. Whether you’re just looking to learn a bit more about coffee, join in just for fun or want to sharpen up your basista skills, we have something for you. Our coffee courses are great fun events for family, friends or a work outing! Get to know the basics on making and serving coffee or get full certified training to become a barista as a career move. We are coffee professionals ready to show you how it is done – the proper way.

We are a Beverage Standards Association Approved Centre which allows us to offer the City & Guilds VRQ Level 2 Barista Skills Course and alongside this the BSA’s Accredited Level 1 Barista Skills Course at our purpose built Edge Training Academy.

About EDGE Training Academy courses

It’s clear that you love coffee as much as we do and why wouldn’t you? Coffee making is an art form. Learn how to transform that love for coffee into a real skill with our barista training courses.

Whether you’re a coffee shop owner wanting to brush up on your skills, or a coffee enthusiast who wants to master the art of coffee making and learn how to whip up perfect latte art – these courses are designed for people just like you.

What to expect during your class

You’ll enjoy getting your practice in during the hands-on lesson. Our courses are relaxed and engaging, offering a personal and fun experience – we have a maximum of 6 people for our Introduction To Coffee, and 4 people for our Barista courses.

The small classes are designed to allow our barista trainer  to work closely with each of you. It also means that everyone has plenty of room to work on our two traditional espresso machines.

We prefer to offer a learning environment that’s relaxed and enjoyable, which also makes it easier to gain one-on-one feedback from our trainer. You can ask as many questions as you like and will always receive an enthusiastic answer.

We never limit the amount of coffee or milk that you can use during a class; our opinion is that practice makes perfect! So don’t worry about spills or messing up techniques because there’s plenty of time for you to try again. It’s all about making mistakes and learning from them.

In addition to our hands-on approach, we also discuss the theoretical aspects of coffee making. You’ll learn about where coffee comes from, how it’s produced and processed and plenty more.

Where your lessons will be held

Each class will be held in our purpose built EDGE Training Academy in Ford near Arundel (same site as our Roastery). You’ll have the freedom to use the professional coffee making equipment and the space to relax and feel comfortable.

Who will be leading your classes

Our Head of Training, who has been working within the large world of coffee for over 12 years, has plenty of experience to say the least. Jay Bull is welcoming and approaches barista training with a strong passion and an encouraging outlook.

City & Guilds Barista qualification

Our City & Guilds course awards you with an internationally recognised qualification. This means that you can stand out from the crowd and quickly show a potential employer that you have the skills required to be employed as a Barista.

Independent cafes are always looking for enthusiastic, well trained staff. At Edgcumbes the training is ongoing so feel free to call us at any stage of your journey – we are here to help and support you.

Great for:

  • Beginners wanting to upgrade their knowledge
  • Non-professionals
  • Coffee enthusiasts
  • Developing a knowledge of coffee
  • Group experience

Formally known as the “Home Enthusiast Course“, the Introduction To Coffee Course is a foundation course designed to help give you an insight into your favourite brew and how it got there!

This introduction to coffee explains the different origin and varieties of coffees, the processing techniques and how all of this affects the final taste. You will have the opportunity to recognise these differences at the tasting and cupping sessions during the day, with a demonstration of the flavour wheel to help give you a better insight into flavour notes and how to recognise them.

Finally, you will also have an opportunity to take a tour of our roastery, followed by an in depth talk through the roasting process. Find out how coffee roasting was discovered and why and how we roast.

This is not a formal course, expect plenty of banter, fun, but best of all plenty of… COFFEE!!

Further details:

  • Course duration is approx. 120mins and starts at 2.30pm on the first Thursday of every month.
  • Cost is £45 per person
  • Each class is limited to a maximum of 6 people.
  • Complimentary bag of coffee will be given to each participant at the end of each course.
  • Our expert, friendly barista and trainer will be running the course and will be on hand for any additional questions you may have.
  • Fun, informative course which gives you a real hands-on practice to take home with you
  • Want to book as a gift? Grab one of our course gift vouchers HERE!


Course Outline:

  • Distinguish Coffee Types (Arabica/ Robusta)
  • Grinder Basics
  • Understanding the Espresso Machine
  • The 11 Steps
  • Menu
  • Milk Texturing
  • Cleaning and Texturing
  • Machine Cleaning

This course gets you up and running with all the key skills you need to operate your espresso machine, from setting your grinder for perfect espresso extraction, foaming and texturing your milk for the full range of cafe drinks, through to care and maintenance.

The techniques you will learn have been tried and tested by the World’s best baristas and developed through our work with the championships over the years. That does not necessarily make them hard to learn it just means you will pick up the best techniques first time around!

The day is designed to be hands on to ensure you are confident using the skills you pick up.

This course is Certified by the Beverage Standards Association


  • Anyone who has just bought, or is thinking of buying, an espresso machine
  • Anyone planning to open a cafe
  • People using an espresso machine who want to get better result
  • The course is aimed at commercial espresso machine users but keen home baristas are welcome too.


  • A brief introduction to your coffee: varieties, origins and flavours
  • The importance of freshness
  • Choosing the right machine and grinder
  • Setting your grinder: dose and grind texture
  • Calibrating your espresso machine: water quantities and temperature
  • Steps to producing your espresso
  • Introduction to milk
  • Techniques to texturing and foaming
  • The barista menu
  • Care & maintenance of your machine

Further details:

  • Course duration is approx. 6 hours and starts at 9.30am
  • Cost is £175 per person
  • Each class is limited to a maximum of 4 people
  • Our expert, friendly barista and trainer will be running the course and will be on hand for any additional questions you may have.
  • Fun, informative course which gives you a real hands-on practice to take home with you
  • Certified by Beverage Standards Association


Great for:

  • Beginner Baristas
  • Professionals
  • Developing knowledge of coffee
  • Developing knowledge of tea
  • Practical skills on coffee machines
  • Group learning
  • Certified results

This three day accredited City and Guilds Barista Training Course will see you learning everything there is to know about being a Barista.

Day 1:

You will learn about coffee, where it comes from and the history of its origins and migration. You will get to work on industry level coffee machines, learning the importance of making the perfect espresso, the equipment you need to be familiar with and you will then work your way through a coffee menu learning to make each drink.

A lunch will be provided before the afternoon’s practical activities.

In the afternoon, it’s all about milk texturing to add to your lovely espresso.

Day 2:

Starting the day right, we get to make filter coffee before moving on to a theory lesson on tea, learning where it comes from and how it gets from crop to pot with a tea tasting session demonstrating the different teas on offer and their perfect brewing conditions.  This will be followed up with the “World of Chocolate”, where it comes from and how it ends up in a bar, or in your cup.

Lunch will be provided.

The afternoon kicks off with a discussion about smoothies before being let loose with some fruity ingredients and our commercial blender.

The rest of your afternoon will be spent preparing for your exams and practicing your practical assessment with help from the Barista Training Manager.

Day 3:

Your morning will begin with tips on customer service and the expectations of a barista making drinks and maintaining high levels of customer interaction. You will also be shown how to care for the machines and equipment for a well-rounded barista experience.

A buffet lunch will be provided.

Your afternoon will be taken up by your practical assessment during which you make all 7 drinks that you have learned on the course. This is followed by a 20 question written exam based on the information you have learned on the course.

You will receive feedback and your grade of pass, merit or distinction on the same day and an official City and Guilds accredited Barista Training Certificate will be sent to you in the post soon after.

Further details:

  • Course duration is 3 days with 20 hours of training, starting at 9.30am each day.
  • Cost is £595 per person
  • Our expert, friendly barista and trainer will be running the course and will be on hand for any additional questions you may have.
  • Fun, informative course which gives you a real hands-on practice to take home with you
  • Certified by Beverage Standards Association

COVID-19 update...

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our courses and training events are currently on hold. Please do keep checking back, follow us on social media for updates or contact the team via email for further updates.