Colombia - La Manuela
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La Manuela


Single Origin Coffee

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Q Grade: 86.01
REGION: Manizales, Caldas
PROCESS: Washed, Sun-dried
VARIETAL: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra & Variadad
TASTE NOTES: Rich and sweet fruits

The Story

The majority of the coffee is grown on the slopes of the central mountain range under the shade of thorny bamboo & banana trees, helping to give La Manuela a distinctive character. General Manager Fernando Gomez Chica has taken care of the day to day running of the estate for the past 20 years. From picking to processing he has implemented projects to improve productivity and quality of the coffee including improved cleaning & maintenance of machinery and lessons for pickers on how to select the ripest cherries. The new season’s crop is now at the Edgcumbes Roastery.

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Single Origin Coffee

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Whole Bean, Cafetière, Filter, Mokapot Aeropress, Espresso

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