EDGE Christmas Decaf Bundle | Christmas Bundle

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The perfect gift for those seeking the deliciousness of coffee without the caffeine kick!


250g Decaf Side of the EDGE

250g Guatemala Swiss Water

1 x Large Tin

The ultimate gift for decaf coffee lovers this holiday season! This thoughtfully curated bundle includes two delightful bags of decaffeinated coffee and an air tight EDGE tin, making it the perfect present to bring warmth and joy into the homes of your loved ones.

Start their mornings on a high note without the buzz with a 250g bag of two of our most popular decaf coffees - our 'Decaf Side of the Edge' blend and our single origin Swiss Water decaffeinated Guatemalan coffee.

To keep these delicious coffees fresh and within easy reach, we've included an air tight EDGE tin to ensure the preservation of the coffee's flavour and aroma for an extended period. It's not just functional, but also serves as a beautiful addition to any kitchen countertop or coffee station.

Presented in one of our premium recyclable gift boxes with a gift tag for you to write a To and From.

  • Expertly roasted and blended in Sussex. Our speciality coffee is the perfect gift - let us introduce you to our best selling single origin coffee beans and our award-winning house blends..

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