Tarrazú San Rafael | Costa Rica

Costa Rica • Single Origin
Apricot, Chocolate, Plum and Caramel
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A full bodied and creamy coffee, delightfully fruity with taste notes of plum, apricot and chocolate. 

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  • Region - San Marcos & San Pablo, Tarrazú
  • Growing altitude - 1200-2000m
  • Varietals - Caturra and Catuai
  • Process - Washed
  • Taste notes - Deliciously fruity with taste notes plum, apricot and creamy chocolate.

Towards the south of San José you will find the majestic mountains of Tarrazú. Fondly know as the Area of the Saints, Tarrazú is considered to yield the most terrific Strictly Hard Bean coffees in Costa Rica, grown at altitudes between 1.200 to 2.000 m.

The rich volcanic soil, the high altitude, as well as the perfect mixture of sunlight, temperature, and precipitation provide the essential components to produce an speciality coffee.

The sheild from the Pacific Coast, Central Valley and the high peaks of the country´s central mountain range make Tarrazú one of the world’s most famous coffee growing regions.

What is Strictly Hard Bean?

Strictly hard bean refers to coffee grown in altitudes higher than 4,500ft above sea level. Beans grown at high altitudes mature more slowly and grow to be harder and denser than coffee beans grown at lower elevations...hence the name Strictly Hard Bean!

The Benefits Of A Kilo Bag

Choose a 1KG to make up to 50 cups of coffee and use less packaging - better for your pocket and the planet!


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