Ruby 40

40th Anniversary Merch House Blends
An extra special blend of South & Central American and African beans to celebrate 40 QUENCHESSENTIAL YEARS of trading.
Roast level
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  • Countries - Brazil, Uganda, India & Costa Rica
  • Varietals - Red & Yellow Catuai, SL14, SL48, Venecia, Bourbon, Geisha, Villalobos, Villa Sarchi
  • Process - Varied
  • Taste notes - Rich berries, Chocolate & Nuts
Q GRADE: 84.83

Ruby 40 Anniversary Blend.

We can hardly believe it ourselves but did you know that 2021 marks our 40th year of trading?!40 QUENCHESSENTIAL YEARS … roasting and blending amazing coffee and teas for you lovely lot…

Head Roaster, Chris Rendle, has blended this limited edition coffee to celebrate!

This is a really special coffee. Carefully blended with beans from South & Central America, Africa and a hint of rich Asian coffee. This blend will work wonderfully when using an espresso machine, but will make a beautiful finish for all brewing methods.

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