Rhino Tall Hand Grinder

Brew Kit Coffee Brewing

On-the-go hand grinder for ultimate coffee freshness.

The Rhinowares Hand Grinder is perfect for anyone who wants to drink great, fresh coffee. The overall design of this Rhino Hand Grinder gives you a more consistent grind size which allows you better extraction and more tastiness!

You know our coffee is always freshly roasted, but by keeping your coffee whole bean and grinding before use, you are maintaining that ultimate freshness.

Don’t know how much to use? We recommend 18g-20g per person or mug of coffee.

Features and benefits include
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Ceramic conical burrs – Stay sharp longer and uniform grind size.
  • Large 40g capacity
  • Improved central rod design so the rod and burrs don’t wobble
  • Improved Handle design means the handle wont slip off whilst grinding and a bigger end handle for better grip
  • Sleek design
  • New V2 model we have improved the outer burr holder, results in more consistent grind

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