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Mexico • Single Origin
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Dark chocolate and sugarcane fill this dark & rich coffee. Sourced from a family-owned farm that uses the finest arabica beans.

The farm's mission is to preserve the delicate ecosystem that grows the coffee by using sustainable and pesticide free practices - and we love them for it!

  • Region Huatulco, on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Growing altitude 1100m - 1250 miles aboves sea level
  • Varietals Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
  • Process Sun-dried, washed
  • Taste notes Dark Chocolate, sugarcane, spices, tangerine
What do we love about this coffee?
These speciality Mexican coffee beans are grown by a family-owned and managed farm in Huatulco, located the Pacific coast of Oaxaca.
Their sustainable coffee growing processes are practices throughout the entire process. They don't use any pesticides on the trees, use 100% biodegradable ingredients, hand harvest the coffee cherries.
We also love that they boast to have several beehives inamongst the estate to aid with the biodiversity of the land by sheltering the creatures that pollinate the fruit that eventually becomes these beans that deliver a divine hit of dark chocolate and tangerine

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