Large Glass Jar

Brew Kit

An air tight, large glass jar to store coffee beans or loose leaf tea.

How do you display your lovely loose leaf teas? We believe that this is the stylish, yet practical answer.

This large glass tea jar has a lid with a seal in it to preserve the freshness of your speciality loose leaf teas- and it allows you to see the product and display your eco- credentials . No nasty tea bags in our house!! All you need is some nice stickers to name your teas and you are ready to go!

Why not team it with some lovely Edgcumbes teas and the Kinto one touch teapot...

Product features
  • Jar material: glass
  • Lid material: stainless steel
  • Size: large
  • Capacity: 1300ml
  • Dimensions: H: 145mm x W: 115mm x Dia: 115mm
  • Dishwasher safe (jar only)

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