“I find coffee very personal - it’s the first thing I do every morning.

In terms of sports, caffeine is one of the only supplements proven to have truly beneficial effects and I prefer to get it straight from the bean in my coffee rather than anything else.

I’ve always loved coffee but since l have travelled the world more I've tasted stronger Brazilian blends, Costa Rican beans and even trialling Arabian blends in UAE.

Now, I've found a deeper obsession with how I start my day and getting coffee right.”

Ian Garry | The Future


India, Brazil • House Blends
⭐ A collaboration blend with MMA star Ian Garry ⭐
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Introducing a collaboration between Ian "The Future" Garry & EDGE Coffee. Say hello to coffee of The Future - beans worth fighting for! 

  • Varietals - Catimor & Typica speciality Arabica beans
  • Taste notes - Earthy & smokey taste | Chocolate & caramel on the palette
Blended especially alongside Ian at the EDGE roastery in Sussex. Ian's love of a strong speciality coffee inspired this dark roasted coffee blend.
In the cup, you'll experience chocolate on the nose, bright notes on the palate with a balanced acidity to finish.
Heavy, dark and intense – this espresso has a great crema and a long drawn out and indulgent finish - these are beans worth getting out of bed for!
A blend of three beautiful darker roasted speciality coffees hailing from Brazil, Colombia and Indonesia. Roasted for Espresso but can be equally enjoyed slow brewed for Filter or Cafetiere.

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