Green Coffee Beans • Guatemala • Swiss Water Decaf

Guatemala • Green Coffee Beans Single Origin
Please note these are unroasted coffee beans
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Unroasted coffee beans suitable for home roasting. Available in 500g, 1kg and 6kg. 

The Swiss Water Decaffeination Process is a natural method that is 100% chemical-free. A bright, floral and citrussy coffee. 

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How To Recycle Me

Our tea & coffee packaging is 100% recyclable.

Our coffee bag supplier is carbon neutral & the bags are grade 4, which is 100% recyclable!

Find a collection point in your local supermarket or enquire if your local council will accept this type of bag at kerbside.

Check your local collection point here.

  • Region - Oriente
  • Growing altitude -HIGHER THAN 4,500FT ABOVE SEA LEVEL
  • Varietals- Catuai and Catimor
  • ProcessWashed. Water process decaffeination
  • Taste notes - Balanced with bright acidity and floral overtones.
  • Roast level - Best enjoyed Light to Medium

The Swiss Water Decaffeination Process is a natural method that is 100% chemical-free. There are 3 elements of the Swiss Water decaffeination process: water, temperature and time. Small batches of green beans are placed into a pure water solution for 12 hours, ensuring that 99.9% of caffeine is drawn from the coffee beans.

Speciality coffee is processed in small batches right from the start of the coffee beans journey, ensuring to maintain the unique flavours. So, from decaffeination to being roasted at home, your Swiss Water decaf coffee beans have been carefully cared for.

Ready for the best bit? The Swiss Water method is the most environmentally friendly method of decaffeination.

The Benefits Of A Kilo Bag

Choose a 1KG to make up to 50 cups of coffee and use less packaging - better for your pocket and the planet!


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