Environmental Policy

As you know, we freshly roast coffee and blend tea at our site near Arundel in West Sussex. We supply cafés and businesses in Southeast England and around the UK, run our own café and shop and provide barista training.

We recognise that these day-to-day business practices have an impact on the environment and do our best to minimise this by carefully managing our processes, people and material.

We do everything we can to be responsible citizens, and to follow good environmental practices. We meet (and exceed) legal requirements and strive for continual improvement.

For example, we used reclaimed materials when we refurbished our premises, and fitted LED lighting in our Roastery. We’ve installed LED lighting in our office. External lighting is activated by motion sensors, so no-one accidentally leaves a light on and wastes energy. In the shop, we incentivise customers to reuse their cups and tins for refills. We also aim to cut down on usage of paper bags. Meanwhile, we’ve launched a reusable Coffee Keep® service for our trade customers, which they are increasingly supporting as it makes sense for them too!

We’ve written up an Environmental Policy that describes the framework we follow for environmental objectives and targets. We review it regularly and share it with the whole team.

Here are our key commitments:


To reduce our energy requirements, improve energy efficiency, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions

  • We do this by using LED lighting and motion sensors.
  • We’re also planning to install an electric meter for charging electric cars.


To manage our waste efficiently

  • We do this by reducing, storing, recycling and disposing of waste and packaging in a responsible manner.
  • We seek out innovative companies who are at the forefront of the industry
  • We use chaff (the by-product from roasting) on our garden, and give it away free to customers to use as compost
  • We send used cardboard packaging for shredding so it can be reused as packing material – we even use some ourselves!


To investigate the use of materials, products and components with a lower environmental impact

  • For example, we refuse to sell plastic bottles of water in our café. We also discourage the use of disposable paper cups by offering incentives to buy our reusable e-coffee cups
  • To reduce the use of hazardous or environmentally harmful products and practices, including any that are indirectly associated with our work
  • We do this by investigating green procurement options
  • We also encourage our suppliers to support our environmental objectives


To reduce the impact of our transport

  • We do this by reducing the need to travel
  • We also choose alternative transport options, where feasible


To manage our green spaces in a way that protects biodiversity

  • We do this by nourishing our plants and shrubs with used coffee grounds and chaff


To reduce our water consumption

  • We do this by capturing rainwater for plants, providing a water station for free refills, and not selling bottled water


To share good practice with our staff, customers and suppliers, as much as possible

  • We communicate as much as possible using digital means such as WhatsApp. We encourage internal communication by encouraging staff to work across all areas so they can promote understanding and support each other.
  • All our staff are employed on contracts which guarantee agreed minimum hours and we pay the minimum wage.