Decaf Swiss Water

Guatemala • Decaf Single Origin
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A bright and floral decaf coffee, decaffeinated using using a natural Swiss Water method.

Roast level
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  • Region - Oriente
  • Varietals - Catuai and Catimor
  • Process - Washed. Water process decaffeination
  • Taste notes - Balanced with bright acidity and floral overtones
GRADE: SHB (Strictly hard bean)

The Swiss Water method is regarded as the best in the world and is carried out by the Swiss Water Company in British Colombia Canada.

Swiss Water Process

The Swiss Water Process involves placing the top grade coffee beans in pure water with soluble coffee components. It is kept in the water for around 12 hours until 99% of the caffeine has diffused out from the bean while maintaining the essential flavours. The absence of chemicals makes this a very popular process as it is the most natural and pure form of decaffeination.

This Guatemala Swiss-Water decaffeinated coffee has all the characteristics of classic Guatemalan coffees. It is very balanced with bright acidity and floral overtones making it a lovely tasting decaf coffee.

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