SAGE - Smart Grinder™ Pro

Brew Kit Coffee Brewing

When you purchase the SAGE Smart Grinder Pro with us, you get a FREE 1KG BAG OF OUR AWARD WINNING FRESHLY ROASTED COFFEE.

Smart, stylish and hardwearing, SAGE are leaders in home coffee machines for a reason. The Smart Grinder Pro is ideal for professional home grinding. 

With 60 settings, this grinder is perfect for all brewing methods including French Press, Espresso, filter and more! 

Our customers have found that grinding at home transforms their coffee drinking experience - there's nothing better than a freshly ground coffee to put a spring in your step!

On the lookout for the best coffee grinder? The Sage Smart Grinder PRO is one of the top rated home coffee grinders. With 60 unique settings, this programmable conical burr grinder makes sure it grinds you the perfect coffee every time.

Choose between ‘cups’ for French Press or Filter and ‘shots’ for Espresso to get the right dose for the coffee you’re brewing. Grind directly into a portafilter or an air-tight container. The clear LCD Display allows you to easily see the grind setting, grind time and number of shots or cups you have selected. This machine is simple to use and perfect for any coffee lover wanting to keep their beans fresh for as long as possible.

Top features
  • Perfectly ground coffee with different grinding settings
  • Dosing IQ technology for the perfect dose each time
  • Functional design with LCD display
  • Bean capacity 450g

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