Costa Rica • Microlots Single Origin
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A fruity and sweet, medium roast microlot coffee.

  • Region - Los Santos Frailes
  • Growing altitude - 1500-1600m
  • Varietals - Caturra
  • Process - Honey Process
  • Taste notes - Deliciously fruity with a raspberry jam flavour with lighter peach and plum notes and a rich caramel finish.

Palmichal Micro Mill is located in the Costa Rican Central Valley and the Tarrazu region. Every lot they process has full traceability to the grower, coffee varietal, location, altitude, date of harvest, and more. They focus on bringing out the best characteristics through specifying the most ideal process for each of the coffees from surrounding farmers. Palmichal processes washed, honey and natural with patios for sun-drying and elevated beds for more rigorous drying.

The producers of Finca Frailes farm, Gerardo Calvo, Zaira Marín y William Méndez are life-long coffee farmers and second/third generation group of neighbours and friends who love coffee! The farm has been planted for more than 30 years and has been lovingly maintained by his dedicated group of coffee farmers.

Directors Alice and Chris Edgcumbe – Rendle spent a day at the mill in February 2018 and were intrigued by the variety of coffees and processes they saw.


The Honey Process is native Costa Rica and is somewhere between the wet and natural/dry processing methods. The cherries are pulped as they are in the washed process and then sun dried with their mucilage left on, just like a natural processed coffee. This is in attempt to get the best parts of the washed process – the clarity/acidity found using this method – but to then save water they are left to sun dry which also helps enhance body and sweetness in the cup.

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