Blue Mountain

Jamaica • Single Origin
Boasting a q-grade of 94, Blue Mountain is one of world's most renowned coffees.  Roasted medium for optimum flavour.
Roast level
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  • Region - Gold Cup Estate
  • Varietals - Number 1 Grade Blue Mountain
  • Process - Wet Processed
  • Taste notes - Silky smooth and well-balanced, with an incredible full body, a classic and refined mild taste with a slightly (and unusually) sweet flavour, very rich (sometimes almost creamy). The flavour is complex, and often with hints of chocolate.
  • Roast Level - Medium

Please note our current Blue Mountain coffee is not a Peaberry bean. We roast all our Jamaican Blue Mountain to order, for optimum flavour and freshness, so please allow an extra couple of days for dispatch.

Only coffee grown in the legally defined Blue Mountain Range can be certified as Blue Mountain Coffee. The area is favoured by the ultimate combination of the ideal altitude, mineral-rich soils, gentle cloud cover, mountain shade and ample sunlight.

All beans are hand sorted and sold based on certain specific characteristics verified by the Coffee Industry Board. The beans are Graded according to size: Grade 1, Grade 2 & Grade 3. Next, the beans must meet stringent tests regarding taste, body and colour. The last step is one final inspection, done by hand, where each bean is examined to eliminate defects.

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