L.A. Blend | Great Taste Award Winner

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Floral, Citrus, Hazelnut | Rich & Dark
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A speciality blend made exclusively for our Littlehampton seafront café, Edge by the Sea. Now an award winning blend, receiving 1 star by the Guild of Fine Food's Great Taste Awards.

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Our tea & coffee packaging is 100% recyclable.

Our coffee bag supplier is carbon neutral & the bags are grade 4, which is 100% recyclable!

Find a collection point in your local supermarket or enquire if your local council will accept this type of bag at kerbside.

Check your local collection point here.

  • Countries - Brazil, Guatemala, Uganda
  • Varietals Red Catuai, Catuai, Bourbon, SL14, SL28
  • Process - Varied
  • Taste notes - Rich & Dark coffee, floral, citrus, hazelnut, chocolate
Q GRADE: 85+

L.A. Blend is the exclusive blend our master Roaster Chris dreamed up to be served as a house blend at our café on Littlehampton seafront, EDGE by the Sea. Proving a hit, we've decided to put it online too!

A Great Taste Award was awarded in 2021 to Edgcumbes by the Guild of Fine Food for this speciality Sussex coffee blend

Read what the Great Taste Judges had to say:

“Interesting selection of beans and roasts - a little tipping but nothing to be concerned over. It has good acidity, but notes almost of fermented stone fruit that are a little intrusive and unbalanced. With milk, however, the acidity is well regulated and as a consequence, the finish is long and fruity.” – 1 star (2021)

The Benefits Of A Kilo Bag

Choose a 1KG to make up to 50 cups of coffee and use less packaging - better for your pocket and the planet!


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