Welcome to the home of our Coffee courses, whether you’re just looking to learn a bit more about coffee, or you’re just want a fun event for family, friends or a work outing to get the basics on making and serving coffee, or… whether you want full certified training to become a barista as a career move – you’ve come to the right place.


We are a Beverage Standards Association Approved Centre which allows us to offer the City & Guilds VRQ Level 2 Barista Skills Course and alongside this the BSA’s Accredited Level 1 Barista Skills Course at our purpose built Edge Training Academy.


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About EDGE Training Academy courses

It’s clear that you love coffee as much as we do and why wouldn’t you? Coffee making is an art form. Learn how to transform that love for coffee into a real skill with our barista training courses.

Whether you’re a coffee shop owner wanting to brush up on your skills, or a coffee enthusiast who wants to master the art of coffee making – these courses are designed for people just like you.

What to expect during your class

You’ll enjoy getting your practice in during the hands-on lesson. Our courses are relaxed and engaging, offering a personal and fun experience – we have a maximum of 6 people for our Introduction To Coffee, and 4 people for our Barista courses.

The small classes allow our barista trainer enough time to work closely with each of you. It also means that everyone has plenty of room to work on our two traditional espresso machines.

We prefer to offer a learning environment that’s relaxed and enjoyable, which also makes it easier to gain one-on-one feedback from our trainer. You can ask as many questions as you like and will always receive an enthusiastic answer.

We never limit the amount of coffee or milk that you can use during a class; our opinion is that practice makes perfect! So don’t worry about spills or messing up techniques because there’s plenty of time for you to try again. It’s all about making mistakes and learning from them.

In addition to our hands-on approach, we also discuss the theoretical aspects of coffee making. You’ll learn about where coffee comes from, how it’s produced and processed and plenty more.

Where your lessons will be held

Each class will be held in our purpose built EDGE Training Academy in Ford. You’ll have the freedom to use the professional coffee making equipment and the space to relax and feel comfortable.

Who will be leading your classes

Our head of training, who has been working within the large world of coffee for over 12 years, has plenty of experience to say the least. Jay Bull is welcoming and approaches barista training with a strong passion and an encouraging outlook.

City & Guilds qualification

Our City & Guilds course awards you with an internationally recognised qualification. This means that you can stand out from the crowd and quickly show a potential employer that you have the skills required to be employed as a barista. Not to mention if you’re planning on travelling for a while, you’ll be able to find jobs much easier – coffee shops are everywhere around the world!

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